What SoundMoves can offer you…

We able to offer a combination of one off workshops, on-going sessions, intensive residencies and performance jam events, depending on what is suitable for your participation base and facilities. There is great flexibility within the SoundMoves modal and we are very happy to respond to suggestions from you about what would work best in your venue or institution.

The activities we deliver are always in response to ideas we are developing in our practice. However, to give you an insight into what a workshop might cover, here are some areas we have previously explored with participants.

  • Approaches to interaction between dancers and musicians for solo or ensemble work including trading and call and response

  • Tools for communicating ideas across art forms including terminology from different practices and collaborative methods

  • Listening and interpretation skills to create a shared vocabulary

  • Music theory including time signatures, odd meters, note values, metric modulation, rhythm and syncopation, counterpoint phrasing, components and structures of different music styles such as Classical, Jazz, Indian Khatak, Afro-Cuban, Funk, Hip Hop and many more…

  • Creating choreography alongside a musical arrangement

  • Using musical arrangement to create nuance and atmosphere for dance

  • Practices that build skills and confidence in dance-music improvisation

Previous workshops:

Tap Improvisation and musicality – Band on the Wall, Manchester. An 8-week course exploring rhythm tap improvisation in jazz related music styles.

Moving with musicality – Contact Theatre, Manchester

U Dance – The Lowry, Salford, Greater Manchester. Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th January 2013

Centre for Advanced Training programme (pre-vocational training for 12-18 year olds) based at the Lowry Theatre as part of UDance 2012 and also a week-long summer school which aimed to enhance students musicality and choreographic skills.

What participants say…

“I’ve really enjoyed learning from high quality course leaders and picking up techniques from their improvisation demonstrations. I feel my confidence in improvisation has improved”. Hannah Paice, Dance Tutor

“It’s been incredibly beneficial working with a musicians and a tap teacher together because we were really able to explore a huge variety of styles and key signatures. We learned how to work with musicians and how to interact giving me confidence to explore new music styles and time signatures I haven’t working in”. Helen Walker, Music Teacher

“I enjoyed meeting and connecting other people from different dance styles, learning to let go and dance!” Ele Skimer, Performer

“In other improvisations I have not experienced this many different dance styles. I loved the African vibe mixed with the tap dancing”. Jessica

“Fantastic opportunity to work with Myke the musician. Having the live element of sound brings a dynamic energy, new concepts and ideas of moving”. Trixabelle Bold, Dancer and Course Tutor

“I am a musician so will incorporate more of this in my playing”. Jamal Lewis, Musician and Performer